With recent supply chain issues at petrol forecourts much in the news this week, Chief Executive of Mersey Maritime, Chris Shirling-Rooke, has responded to the challenges being experienced and urged common-sense to prevail. Spikes in localised demand have seen shortages experienced at some locations amidst excessive purchasing by some members of the public. Both industry and the national Government have moved to reassure customers in recent days that there is no national shortage of fuel.

Commenting on the situation, Chris Shirling-Rooke said:

“It is important for everyone to understand that there is no fuel shortage at the refineries and storage areas in our country and that experts in the industry expect demand to return to normal levels in the coming days. People really need to be sensible and take a common-sense approach to the fuel they are purchasing and consider whether their actions, to stockpile large quantities in some cases, is sensible or indeed safe.

“It is disappointing to see what some regard as a media frenzy around these important issues which hasn’t helped the situation. Those involved in the logistics and fuel supply chain, which the maritime sector is such a key component, know that there are always long-standing contingency plans in place so that partners can work with industry to ensure fuel supplies are maintained and deliveries made. The global pandemic crisis and the global economy now recovering around the world has contributed to the situation we have seen in recent days but we must all be sensible.

“Action by the government will see a limited number of military tanker drivers on a state of readiness to be deployed if necessary as a temporary measure to ease pressures caused by the spikes in local demand we’ve seen. But above all, people should revert to their normal buying habits and that way there will be plenty of this vital resource to go around!”