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National Horn Blast – Day of the Seafarer

By Mersey Maritime

A call to action for Mersey Maritime members

To celebrate Day of the Seafarer 2021, Mersey Maritime is asking shipowners, masters and crews in our region to sound their horns in ports on Friday 25th June at 12:00 noon. This is part of a global initiative, led by the International Chamber of Shipping, to show solidarity with seafarers around the world and recognise their efforts during the pandemic.

We are asking our members and partners to spread the word about the event, so we get maximum participation.

You can help by sharing the time and date of the event with your own networks and encouraging participation if you have the means to do so. Please share details of the event however you see fit.

We must stress that horns should only be blown if it is safe to do so.


Social engagement

We’re aiming to get traction and engagement on social media before, during and after the horn-blowing event. Mersey Maritime will be using two hashtags #ShoutOutForSeafarers and #FairFuture4Seafarers – we encourage you to do the same.

Posts will ideally share pictures, or short clips, of horn soundings within your network.


Maritime Exchange conference

On the same day, Mersey Maritime, in conjunction with the Maritime UK and DfT, will host its third annual Maritime Exchange conference. This will coincide with the launch of Maritime UK’s report, ‘Maritime 2050: where are we now?’

The coinciding on this day of both the Mersey Maritime Exchange and the Day of the Seafarer 2021 is an ideal opportunity for a high-profile campaign on a range of subjects. Please do get involved!


Contact details

If you would like any help or support with this campaign, please contact the Mersey Maritime Marketing Team:

Sian McFarlane             07885 999 310

Abbie Milne       

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National Horn Blast – Day of the Seafarer