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Mersey Maritime launches busy period of events and support for members in 2021

By Mersey Maritime

Despite the obvious challenges we are all facing just now as a result of the ongoing pandemic, the pace of activity at Mersey Maritime hasn’t let up in the first part of 2021! The festive period already seems like a distant memory with a whole range of events and engagement now well and truly underway as we approach the end of January already. The team are conscious, with all the activity that’s taking place online at the moment, that it can be hard to be heard amongst many hundreds of emails and other digital communications, so we’ve launched two initiatives to keep our offer as fresh and interesting as possible for all those we work with.

Short video summaries of upcoming activities

Utilising the skills of our new Digital and Events Apprentice, Abbie Milne, this week has seen the release of a simple video detailing upcoming activities for members to get engaged with. Commenting, Head of Commercial, Ruth Wood, said:

“We want to make it as easy as possible for members to know about the whole host of events and activities we have on offer. January and early February is already full of engagement opportunities for the businesses and organisations we represent but we know we are competing with many different priorities just now. So, in a simple and hopefully interesting way, we just wanted to provide our supporters with a brief overview and whet their appetite to find out more. And there’s plenty for them to see! From the fourth in our series of Global Trade events in partnership with Western Union Business Solutions and Maritime UK, to a really practical roundtable to explore the challenges businesses are facing in a properly post-Brexit world, to the opportunities our industry faces around clean maritime and investment in local projects, there really is a broad spectrum to interest everyone. We’ll be releasing these short videos on a regular basis – make sure you watch our for them!”

You can view the video by clicking on to our YouTube channel here:

Survey – what do our members want to see in 2021?

Ensuring the membership offer of Mersey Maritime is relevant, fresh and useful to those who are part of our ecosystem matters a great deal to us. Whilst we speak with members on a regular basis, from time to time we are keen to deep dive into understanding a little more about what they’d like to see on offer. Chief Executive, Chris Shirling-Rooke, commented:

“We believe Mersey Maritime is pretty well in touch with what our members want to see but we can’t rest on our laurels, particularly as businesses and their employees face so many competing priorities and challenges just now. That’s why we are asking members to give us their honest feedback. What is working, what needs to improve and what new ideas do they have to maintain their interest and engagement with us. We have many opportunities, through our extensive range of contacts across the sector, including directly with national government, to really champion those issues and activities which provide the most value. But we can only do that if we know what is needed. I’d urge all our members to give their views and help shape the direction that Mersey Maritime goes in over the course of 2021.”

Mersey Maritime members can complete the survey here:


In addition, plans are advanced to launch a new company website in the very near future and refresh and expand the effectiveness and reach of the popular ‘Ezine’ publication which is released each month to much acclaim across the industry. Keep in touch with all these developments and more by engaging with our social media platforms and visiting our website at

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Mersey Maritime launches busy period of events and support for members in 2021