Mersey Maritime - A driving force for the maritime industry on merseysideMersey Maritime - A driving force for the maritime industry on merseyside

Are you part of the UK’s leading maritime cluster organisation yet? Join us now!

By Mersey Maritime

Chief Executive of Mersey Maritime, Chris Shirling-Rooke writes:


Last week saw a big staging post in the evolution and journey of Mersey Maritime. Winning the ‘Coastal Powerhouse’ category in the inaugural Maritime UK National Awards cemented our reputation, built up over the last seventeen years, as one of the leading players in the country’s maritime industry. The category was open to a business, charity, organisation or cohort of any size, who have proven themselves as a driver or catalyst for growth within a coastal community. We believe our values, passion and vision as an organisation and the results we have demonstrated for nearly twenty years, put us at the heart of the principles underpinning the award.


Winning the award was an incredible privilege but it was about more than just that achievement. It also cast a strong light on how important the maritime sector continues to be in the Liverpool City Region, which anyone who lives and does business here knows has been such a significant industry in our area for centuries.


It is perhaps a little known fact that 95% of UK trade is handled by the maritime sector and we are larger than both the automotive and aerospace transport industries. This underlines how important maritime is to the country but, our own regional figures also show, Merseyside is a significant part of this overall picture. We know that the sector:


    • Is worth £4.2 billion in domestic output through business turnover
    • Supports 52,000 jobs either directly or indirectly through supply-chains
    • For every £1 generated, benefits the wider economy by £2.64


This represents a major contribution to the regional and national economy and demonstrates why the work of Mersey Maritime is so important. And it builds on the recognition we received from Government in the Maritime 2050 strategic document which was launched in early 2019 and commented:


“One of the most established and successful clusters is in Liverpool centred on the creation of Mersey Maritime in 2003. Mersey Maritime is the representative body for the marine and maritime sector in the Liverpool City Region, working with large and small businesses across 33 different sub-sectors of activity to create conditions that will allow business to flourish.”


In a nutshell, that’s what we are all about. We are standing full square behind this overall strategic document to propel forward the maritime sector in the years ahead. Locally this means our over-riding objective will be to continue creating an attractive business environment whilst also fostering innovation and growth. With around 200 members of our cluster, we are well placed to achieve this aim but we can and should aim higher so that’s why I’m asking today:


Is it time for you to be part of this journey?


Here are just some of the key reasons why we would be delighted to see you become part of Mersey Maritime and join what is now officially the UK’s leading ‘Coastal Powerhouse’ maritime cluster:


  • Business to business networking opportunities, a minimum of monthly, frequently more
  • The opportunity to influence maritime related policy at a local, regional, national and international level
  • Access to expertise across all aspects of maritime in the Liverpool City Region, from shipping to ports to marine engineering
  • Marketing opportunities through our social media channels, monthly e-Zine and business directory
  • A place at the table – an invitation to attend Mersey Maritime’s industry-specific briefing sessions and forums from international trade to the clean maritime growth agenda
  • Business advice – access to team providing information, advice, routes to funding and links to fellow members for ‘problem solving’


To find out more, contact the Mersey Maritime team:


Ruth Wood, Head of Commercial: / 0151 231 2959

Stacey Bradley, Business Development Executive: / 0151 231 2951

Mersey Maritime
About Mersey Maritime
Mersey Maritime is the representative body for the Maritime Sector and related industry sectors operating across the Liverpool City Region. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all locations to develop strong, market-responsive supply chains and promote Liverpool’s maritime industry as a world class Centre of Excellence.


Mersey Maritime is one of Europe’s most successful maritime cluster organisations, representing the interests of over 1700 Maritime, Logistics and Energy businesses on Merseyside and beyond.

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Are you part of the UK’s leading maritime cluster organisation yet? Join us now!