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Member of the Month: Beegrip

By Mersey Maritime

Beegrip is a small company with a big heritage. Operations began in January 2018 after a management buy-out of the Bimagrip anti-skid coating business from RS Clare.

Originally developed in the late 1980s, over three decades Bimagrip has become globally recognised as a leading brand in both the marine and civil engineering industries. In fact, Bimagrip is the only high performance, anti-skid coating system with a 30-year track record, in the marine environment.

Established applications include the ramps and decks of pure car truck carriers, roll-on roll-off vessels, link-spans and bridges. Founded by Steve Greathead, (former divisional manager at RS Clare), the business (including manufacturing) is based in the North West.

Headquartered in Manchester and with a liaison office in Ulsan, South Korea, Beegrip maintains a global presence through a network of agents, distributors and application partners.


Explaining the steps taken in year one to establish Beegrip, Steve said: “Currently the majority of our business is marine new build in the Far East. We believe it makes sense to have a presence in our most important region.

“So we opened the office in South Korea and recruited a highly experienced quality control manager. In Q1 we achieved approved supplier status from Hyundai and exported to China, South Korea and Japan.”

To better serve the marine repair market, Thortech Bridges & Marine was appointed as a stock-keeping distributor. Steve adds: “Thortech’s proven application expertise combined with stock-keeping capability allows a rapid-response service for our European customers.”

In June Beegrip and Thortech jointly released a presentation documenting the restoration of a link-span at Rodby, Denmark. The presentation has a strong environmental theme ending with a quote from Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia Inc: “As individual consumers, the single best thing we can do for the planet is to keep our stuff in use for longer.”

Steve added: “While the majority of our business is in the marine industry, Bimagrip is also used in civil engineering applications. In October we announced a collaboration with Trough Tech System for the use of Bimagrip on its anti-slip walkway system.”

Manufactured from a 100% recycled polymer, each TTS 300 Green Trough unit weighs 27kg making them easy to handle. Network Rail’s Manual Handling Assessment Chart has given the unit’s green status, conforming to the Health & Safety Executive manual handling guidelines.


In year one Beegrip established itself, exported to 12 countries (so far in 2019, it has added Ireland, Norway and Spain), hit its financial targets and built the foundations for future sustainable growth.

Steve said: “Our commitment to improve customer service, consistency and cost-effectiveness continues. We’ll deliver on our commitment by building a culture where our employees can thrive – grow, develop and be successful.

“We’ve had a strong start to 2019 and in further local interest, we’ve secured the contract to supply the Stena E-Flexer series of new vessels, two of which will operate on the Liverpool to Belfast route. Early indications are that we’ll deliver a future worthy of our heritage.”

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Member of the Month: Beegrip