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James Troop celebrates 150th anniversary with rapid sales surge

By Annette Parker


Illustrious Liverpool diesel-engine sales and maintenance specialists James Troop & Co is celebrating its landmark 150th anniversary with a surge in new business and export sales.

The family-run company based in Runcorn is one of Liverpool’s longest-standing maritime and industrial businesses. It is reporting a 27pc sales hike on last year’s figures between January to June.

Growth has steadily been recorded across the board with a notable increase in servicing work, spare parts sales and a massive surge in engine sales. The landmark sesquicentennial celebration further coincides with four new staff appointments combined with more than £200,000 of investment in infrastructure and technology.

James Troop & Co operates on all aspects of diesel engines and generators from new engines sales, spare parts supply, component overhauls (including testing) and a 24/7 after sales service support across the world and the UK

Company chairman Bob Troop said growth has been driven by specialist projects in the USA, expansion within the UK windfarm sector and new contracts with major shipping management companies.

Mr Troop, who is the great, great grandson of founder James Troop, said: “It is an incredibly special moment for us to celebrate our 150th year of trading,” he said. “Together we are part of a legacy which has been passed down through generations and forms part of Liverpool’s illustrious maritime heritage. The firm has adapted and evolved since its early days in Coburg Dock and has always adopted a progressive outlook in a bid to thrive in an ever-changing commercial landscape. We selected the Liverpool Yacht Club, within Coburg Dock, to celebrate the landmark occasion with our friends, family, clients and contacts as this was where our story began. It is the perfect setting not only to honour our rich company heritage but also to look outwards to the Mersey and beyond to the bright future of the firm.”

Mr Troop handed over the role of managing director in October 2016 following 14 years in the position and 54 years working in-house. While he remains active in day to day management as chairman he recently appointed new joint managing directors Derek Bate and Robert Pollock, who have amassed more than 60 years at the firm

“We have witnessed rapid expansion in the first half of 2017 largely driven by a spike in engine sales,” said Mr Bate, MD Financial. “This has been underpinned by strong performances in our servicing and spare parts divisions. This year we have delivered servicing work across the globe in locations including Greece, Holland, South Africa, Bahrain, Poland and Gibraltar. The windfarm sector has also proved a key sector for expansion. We have completed large volumes of repair and servicing contracts on work boats and supply vessels for windfarm transfer companies operating off coastlines across the UK from Barrow, Grimsby and Hull to Liverpool, Holyhead and London. In addition, two new exclusive supply contracts within the ship management sector have boosted sales of our Japanese engine Spare Parts with a positive knock-on effect to the servicing division.”

The company initially traded as ship repairers for many years, with workshops in Liverpool, Birkenhead and Garston. It worked for most major shipping companies – extensively for the MoD on aircraft carriers and many other types of ship, including nuclear submarines built at Cammell Laird shipyard.

In the fifties, the company began diversification into medium and high-speed diesel engine markets through franchises with firms including Rolls-Royce, Ruston, Paxman, Dorman & Perkins. These have since been joined by Volvo Penta, Deutz, MAN, MTU & Cummins, and one of the largest Japanese engine builders, Daihatsu Diesel Mfg.

“While we are extremely proud of our heritage we are also passionate about future innovation,” said Mr Pollock, MD Operations. “Being well established and on a sound financial footing we are perfectly placed to look ahead of the curve. We work on many specialist projects to raise industry standards. One recent American contract involved introducing Tier 4 engine equipment into specialist drilling rig to meet new emissions criteria.

“In terms of industry development our sector is set to be transformed by the arrival of hybrid systems which are already superseding diesel engines used on land. This pattern will follow on the sea, in line with IMO regulations, leading to a seismic shift towards new technology. We are currently working with the world’s leading engine manufacturers to create hybrid systems for the future. This is the cusp of another exciting chapter within the James Troop & Co story. Our mission is to continue to do what has been done so well through the generations before us and remain at the vanguard of our industry.”

The company’s history has been supported through staff with formidable records of continuous service and dedication at James Troop include parts team leader Carl Kenwright serving 27 years, John Troop sales manager serving 25 years senior engineering technician Dave Squires with 22 years, technical manager Alan Railton with 16 years, and within the customer support dept. Frank Jameson who has served 32 years.

For further information on James Troop’s new engines, or parts and servicing contact any member of the sales team Tel: 01928 566170 Email: visit:



Family-run James Troop & Co Ltd is one of the most established companies in the UK maritime and industrial industry. The company was founded by James Troop in Liverpool’s Dock Estate in 1867. The Company were ship repairers for many years, with workshops in Liverpool, Birkenhead and Garston, working for most major shipping companies and worked extensively for the MoD on Aircraft Carriers and many other types of ship, including Nuclear Submarines built at Cammell Laird Shipyard.

In the 1950s, the Company began diversification into medium and high-speed diesel engine markets, initially through franchises with such engine makes as Rolls-Royce, Ruston, Paxman, Dorman & Perkins and these have since been joined by Volvo Penta, Deutz, MAN, MTU & Cummins, and one of the largest Japanese engine builders, Daihatsu Diesel MFG. Today the firm is run by James Troop’s great great grandson Bob Troop and specializes in engine and generator supply, parts and service to the maritime and industrial markets. It is one of the major distributors of Volvo Penta products in the UK. The company moved to new premises on the Astmoor Industrial Estate in Runcorn in 2004. The site has fully-equipped workshop facilities to carry out all aspects of engine and component overhauls and enables them to offer customers a 24/7 after sales service.


Image shows James Troop & Co Ltd chairman Bob Troop.



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James Troop celebrates 150th anniversary with rapid sales surge