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Calling all CSOs, PFSOs, Cyber and Security responsible employees

By Mersey Maritime

CSO Alliance are pleased to invite all CSOs, PFSOs, Cyber and Security responsible employees to a Maritime Cyber Security Workshop, taking place on Tuesday 11th June, 9am – 12pm at Mersey Maritime’s offices.

Why Join:  

Get the latest insights on the continuously evolving criminal threats to our industry. Debate your concerns and issues and promote information sharing around your community.

Why Join:
  • £300 million lost by a maritime company from a single, random cyber attack
  • “There are more organised criminals in existence than soldiers in the Army” (according to NCA Director)
  • Current tensions with Iran focused around oil & gas shipping
  • Prevailing maritime terrorism threat in Southern Red Sea and SE Asia
  • Ongoing maritime piracy in several parts of the world
  • Maritime migration and stowaways presenting potential security risks
What do CSO offer?
  • Online communities of maritime security professionals
  • Secure online maritime crime reporting and collaboration portal
  • Employee expertise from Government, military and industry sectors
  • Providing awareness of current maritime security issues
  • Advice on effective security risk management



Maritime Crime Threats and Risk Management – Bruce Roberts, CSO Alliance Ltd (former Govt. Security Adviser)

Cyber Threats and the Airbus Cyber Security Perspective – Louisa Adams, Airbus Cyber Security

Radio Frequency Criminality (Insights into spoofing and jamming) David Sanderson MSC, NPCC Radio Frequency Crime Lead

Collaboration within the Maritime Security Community – Mark Sutcliffe, CSO Alliance Ltd

Morning Maritime Security Workshop Registration

We have consolidated the day into one workshop so please join us over the next three months in five UK cities for the morning workshop 9am to 12pm, followed by a networking lunch.

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Calling all CSOs, PFSOs, Cyber and Security responsible employees