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Face-2-Face: PD Ports

For our Face-2-Face event in March we are delighted to welcome Geoff Lippitt, PD Ports Group Business Development Director.

Geoff has over 30 years’ experience in the logistics and transport industry with a background in operational and general management, as well as in business development. A marketing graduate from Salford University, Geoff started his career as Transport Controller for Overseas Containers Limited (OCL) and also held senior roles at ABP, BOC and a number of other major logistics businesses before joining PD Ports.

Over the past few years there has been a great deal of discussion of the potential benefits of Free Ports and how they might work. PD Ports believes this opportunity could bring generational change if done correctly, yielding significant economic benefits. At the next Face-Face meeting, PD Ports’ Group Development Director, Geoff Lippitt, will discuss the port operator’s view on the feasibility of Free Ports and whilst not a silver bullet, how they can sustain and grow the UK’s manufacturing base whilst creating thousands of new jobs. To maximise economic growth, the necessary infrastructure needs to be in place in order to deliver any major projects/initiatives. Geoff will also discuss the connectivity challenges that will be faced in the North as week seek to be globally competitive in a post Brexit era in particular looking at rail freight capacity.



Woodside Ferry Village
Woodside Ferry Terminal
CH41 6DU


Tuesday 3 March
7:45am - 9am


Geoff Lippitt, Group Business Development Director


This event is for Mersey Maritime Members but non-members may attend one of these events as a free trial.

Location of Event

Woodside Ferry Village
Woodside Ferry Terminal
CH41 6DU


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